Wandering Wednesdays.

Wandering Wednesdays. Kanchanaburi, Thailand. This little gem was taken on our first trip to Thailand.  It was the start of the Lunar new year and we had a few extra vacation days left over.  We spent the majority of our trip stuffing our faces with ridiculous amounts of pad thai,  tom kha gai, and yummy tropical beverages. When we weren’t […]

Help Kick the Grind

In the world of blossoming adventurers there are so few as qualified and full of pure awesome as Kick the Grind’s Mike Corey. His engaging and in your face approach to the world makes him feel like your best friend the moment you start watching his videos. By the time the clip ends you feel like you’ve had a conversation […]

B&S Jazz Bar

B&S Jazz bar was our buddy William’s idea. At first we thought we had been tricked into coming to an empty bar to listen to William sing, but then we had a real treat. The unassuming and wicked talented Jazz trio gave us one of the best nights out on Pohang. All three of the musicians are rather famous in […]

The Four-Man Bike

Bukbu beach has a pretty good selection of rental bikes. Considering it is one of the longest beaches on the East Coast of Korea that is pretty exciting. The hardest part is trying to select which model you want. There are sleek bikes that you lean back in and then maneuver like a hot ride from Tron. There are classic […]

Moving Mountains- Climbing Kilimanjaro.

The Disney movie “Cheetah” is what brought me to Africa.  It sounds ridiculous, but I remember being 8 years old and glued to the television whenever my mom put that movie on.  I was enthralled with the sights, and the people, and even the animals that were featured on the film.  There was something so mysterious about Africa and I […]

Coming at ya NYC!

Coming at ya NYC! It’s official!  The boy and I booked our tickets to New York City!  It’s the first leg of our journey and we’ll be leaving Seattle on June 16th.  It’s nice to finally have them purchased so we have an official date to look forward to.  The price wasn’t terrible either.  We’ll be crossing the country for […]

A Change in the Winds…

A Change in the Winds… Last night the boy and I went out for a midnight powerade run (the stuff’s delicious).  We decided that the cherry blossoms were too beautiful and the weather was too nice to go straight back inside.  Instead we walked to the elementary school across the street, played on the playground, rode the seesaws and talked […]

Wandering Wednesdays

Wandering Wednesdays. There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again. -Margaret Elizabeth Sangster This picture was taken last summer.   The boy and I had just returned home from 14 months in Korea.  We were given 5 weeks to immerse ourselves in everything American, and let me tell you- we did.  It’s ironic because it was one of the best […]

Our top websites for cheap(ish) airfare.

Yes yes yes… there are few things that I love more than looking up cheap airfare online (ie. grown adults with the hiccups and kitten videos).  I’ve recently received a few e-mails and comments asking me what my exact procedure is and what sites I frequent the most.  I figured it would be more beneficial to everyone if I just […]

This Week’s Video

    This week I found myself on the set for an independent comedy being filmed and directed by the ever talented Jonny Finity. You might know him from the Jonny On the Road blog we love to feature to your right. As part of the film though our characters were asked to eat San Nakchi, which literally translates as […]