Come join us as we make the long trek to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO from Peachtree City, GA. We spent 13 hours driving today winding through the back highways of the South since I refuse to get back on a major Freeway. We’re out here with Rand McNally and USA Today on a road rally to discover America. The slew […]

Start your engines…

Today is the day!  In a few short hours we’ll be ripping open an envelope that will reveal exactly which towns we’ll be visiting.  We can jump in our brand new cars (the brand will be revealed soon) and then start a road trip of a lifetime.  We’re so excited to finally know which category we have and which small […]

Nomading Film Festival

Well, the results are in. Congratulations to Donny Bajoh for his winning video “Euro Blast.” The voting isn’t over however. Check out our link HERE and vote for “Sak Yant.” We love all of the support you’ve shown us all over the last few years and wouldn’t be anywhere without all of you! The festival itself though blew out minds. The […]

CrossRoads Annual Car Show

Every year CrossRoads church in Bremerton, Washington hosts a car and motorcycle show. With the show comes a hearty and down home meal of hot dogs and chili. If you’re in the area you really shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to get to know some of the friendliest people on the peninsula.  

Lind’s Combine Demolition Derby

Every year, on the 2nd weekend of June, the small town of Lind, WA hosts a major event known as the Combine Demolition Derby. The derby consists of a farm truck rally and then a gear on gear smash to bits combine death match. I was literally blown away by how much fun I had, certainly worth a trip to […]

Lake Lenore Caves

The caves at Lake Lenore are over as old as the glaciers that shaped the coulee and have been used for over 5000 years as a place of rest for local tribes. Today they provide a soul quenching view and a great hike up into the basalt playgrounds of central Washington. Last week I had the pleasure of driving through […]

Songnisan Temple

On one of our last weekends in Korea we rented a car and traveled up to Songnisan Temple. It was the weekend of Buddha’s birthday and it was the perfect time and place to be. You can read more about our experience here.

Spokane’s Waste to Energy Plant.

While visting for a few days, we were able to experience Spokane’s waste to energy plant. We took a little video to document the process of using the county’s waste to produce steam energy. The sound is a little shotty as we didn’t have our trusty microphone with us but it was quite the interesting experience.  

Where’s Captain?

  The boys (see: men) are officially back on steady ground as they rounded out the last leg of their Columbia journey.  Captain was able to video document the entire expedition and was kind enough to send me a little teaser.  Take a peek at their days on the water. Columbia Expedition Teaser.