Happy Birthday, Travel Love

Happy Birthday, Travel Love

On Tawny’s Birthday, I often take a moment to reflect on why she is the perfect travel companion. I’ve had the rare and wonderful honor of seeing so much of the world with her, and here’s why I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any one else.

You’re hardcore.

And you’re beautiful.

And fun to take out to dinner.

You travel well, even across America, even under a lot of pressure.

You’re not afraid of the KGB.

You carry a sword.

And you are great with a bow and arrow.

You’re not afraid to use your vast knowledge of pressure points during couple fights.

You love puppies.

And tigers.

And you try to share (or smuggle) that love, every day.

When we ran out of money, you were ok with us living in a tiny room in Korea.



And you taught kids until we had the money to leave. You taught them with an iron fist.

You look great in a dress.

Or an abaya.

You’re always up for a high-speed camel chase.

Or a monk-hunt.

Or whatever else comes your way.

In short, you make dreams come true.

Happy birthday Tawny, I can’t tell you just how glad I am to have had you on this journey. Here’s to another year of glory, adventure, and travel.










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