Post cards that will literally take us around the world.  [video]

Post cards that will literally take us around the world. [video]

If you’ve been around Captain and Clark for a while, you know all about the Maverick Expedition.  It’s an adventure that we’ve spent years planning.  We thought it was time that we gave everyone a little update as to what’s happening and where we’re planning on going from here.  It was also time to make a new sizzle reel.

Let’s start by talking about the progress that we’ve made.  We’ve come leaps and bounds from where we were when we left Korea a year ago.  We started phase one of the expedition.  We made it down to the Galapagos islands and retrieved 22 letters addressed to strangers all across the globe!

Getting to the post barrel on Floreana island was a feat in and of itself.  We’re so grateful that the donations we received from our IndieGoGo campaign helped sponsor our Galapagos Odyssey cruise to and from the island.  We weren’t aware that the only way for us to get to the post barrel was by cruise ship.  We thought we could take a ferry or hire our own boat.  Cruises in the Galapagos are very expensive, and we were very fortunate to have gotten one for such a great price.


So what are our plans now?  Good question.  The main thing that we’re wrestling with is how to present our adventure.  The Maverick Expedition is such a unique concept that we want to make sure that we showcase it properly.  Ideally, we’d like to deliver all of the letters in one fell swoop.  We don’t want to deliver one letter here, return home to gather more funds, and then embark to deliver another letter.

We’re also not sure how we want to shoot it.  Planning before filming is not something that we’re necessarily good at.  We have a guerrilla style of shooting.  We normally take all the shots we want, and then somehow piece it together.  The Maverick Expedition is something that needs to be carefully thought out if we want to do it right.

And, of course, there’s the money.  Since we want to deliver the letters in one go, we’re basically planning (and saving) for a RTW trip.  Since we’re freelance videographers, we have no idea when we’ll be booking jobs and what kind of money we can expect to get in.  We’re definitely not complaining about the path we chose, just rethinking of how to make this work.

We are forever grateful to those of you that have followed our journey from the start, and those that are joining us now.  We cannot wait to see how this story ends and we look forward to this adventure of a lifetime.




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