Our Travel Christmas Wish List.

Our Travel Christmas Wish List.

It’s that time again friends. Shopping malls are packed, Christmas music is humming from every radio station, and multicolored lights are flashing from the houses in the neighborhood. Christmas is upon us and with this holiday comes a plethora of our favorite things. We’re talking peppermint hot chocolates, gingerbread houses, and endless shopping.

Our families and friends are constantly asking what it is that two perpetual travelers would want for Christmas. The easy answer? More travel. We’ve decided to compile a list of the places that we’re hoping to visit in the coming year. A Christmas wish list of travel, if you will.


Things to do in Mongolia
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This country of infinite sky has been on our list for years. We think of it as the last frontier. It’s isolated in so many ways and the nomadic locals are still living off the land. For a country with harsh winters, we truly admire the tenacity of its people.

What we would do there:

– Participate in a homestay… or “ger-stay”.
– Ride around the vast plains on a horse safari.
– Practice the art of hunting with eagles.


How to see the northern lights
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This country of fire and ice only appeared on our radar recently. Growing up, Iceland almost seemed a country of legends. Perpetual cold never sounded so appealing. The fact that Game of Thrones is often filmed there is an added bonus.

What we would do there:

– Hunt for the Northern Lights.
– Warm our toes in the Blue Lagoon.
– Rent a car and see all the beauty that Iceland has to offer.
– Cuddle up to some Icelandic ponies.


Eiffel Tower in France at Christmas
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The country that holds the city of love has eluded us for years. Tawny makes no effort to hide her adoration for a country that she’s never even seen. She might have a BA in French, but she’s never been able to use the language of love in the country of its birth. What better way to please Tawny and enjoy our newly-engaged bliss than in the city of amour?

What we would do there:

– Gorge ourselves on pain au chocolat, fromage, and vin.
– Visit the Eiffel Tower (during the day and also at night).
– Walk the gardens of Versailles, decipher paintings at the Louvre, and take cheesy pictures in front of the Arc du Triomphe.
– Sing “Champs-Élysées” as we walk the Champs-Élysées.


Travel Christmas wish list
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Israel has a casual seduction that beckons to us often. It’s a country that seems to pop up every now and then. Tawny’s engagement ring is from Israel, we have a couple of friends that live and work in Israel, and as fortune would have it, we serendipitously met a retired Israeli commander while on a long layover in Delhi. It’s a country that both intrigues and excites us. The fact that it’s steeped in so much history and culture has us enthralled.

What we would do there:

– Kick back, relax, and float in the Dead Sea.
– Roam and haggle through the Carmel Market.
– Wander through the stunning Baha’i Gardens.
– Indulge in Israeli cuisine.


Things to do in Nepal
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Oh, Nepal. We were so close, yet so far away from this gorgeous country on our recent trip to India. We can’t tell you how hard it was for us to not hop over the border and lose ourselves in the quiet, majestic hills.  If one more backpacker told me just how incredible and beautiful their time in Nepal was, I was going to lose it.  Big time.

What we would do there:

– Find peace during a multi-day Sadhana yoga course.
– Trek to Everest basecamp like a baller.
– Hang glide through the Himalayas.

Yes, we know that these might not be your typical stocking stuffers, but they still make pretty amazing presents.  I think the gift that we’ll give ourselves this Christmas is a promise that we’ll try make it to as many of these places as possible.  As for the places we don’t get to, we’ll just re-wrap them and put them under the tree next Christmas.

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