Cat Cafes in Korea

Cat Cafes in Korea

South Korea and Japan have started a new craze of cafes where one can go, get a cup of coffee, and seek companionship. Some cafes charge by the hour and some charge by the cup. When you first walk in it can be a little nerve-wracking. A dozen beautiful eyes all turn to appraise you when you walk in. At first, I was hesitant to spend money for company. The idea of a coffee shop that offers “a little more” was daunting. The one we went to in Seoul charges an entry fee of $7 that includes a cup of coffee (mochas, lattes, or drip.) From that point of you get to find a spot and try to seduce one of lounging figures perched on a bench to come sit in your lap. It’s sort of like dating at first. Since you’re not allowed to simply pick them up, you have to rely on your charm to get one of the finely dressed companions in your lap. If however you lack the prerequisite allure to charm a friend over to your table you can always throw a little money around. A $5 can of tuna will have a whole room of beauties eating out of your hand.

Such is the charm of a cat cafe.

While you're not allowed to pick the cats up they usually are happy to come to you
While you’re not allowed to pick the cats up they usually are happy to come to you

What started as a quiet fad has exploded across Asia. In major metropolitan areas like Seoul and Tokyo it can be expensive to own a cat, or impossible depending on your apartment’s lease agreement. For many it’s simply easier to spend an afternoon in a cafe full of cats. Cat cafes in Korea are no stranger to traffic and the cats inside are pros at keeping people company. Tawny and I hadn’t been sitting down for more than a minute when we had a cat in one lap and another on the table.



The allure of the cat cafe isn’t just in its ability to provide “cat time” for the non cat owner. With a rigorous academic schedule and constant pressure for both high school and university students in the tightly wound hub of Seoul, cat cafes offer a chance to unwind and lower their blood pressure. Since most of these cat cafes focus as much on the coffee as the cats, these cafes make excellent study locations. It isn’t uncommon to see a group of students cramming for finals with a cat on their stack of books.


Some cats are more curious than others
Some cats are more curious than others
Korea cat cafes Captain and Clark
This guy jumped right up without any coaxing


Most cat cafes host the same cast of cats again and again. Many people have favorites that they come to see. “Regulars”, if you will. There are a handful of cafes however that double as breeders and actually allow patrons to adopt cats that they bond with too much to let go. The cat cafe featured above is in Myeongdong, Seoul. You shouldn’t have any problem finding it since they usually have some guy dressed up in a giant cat suit outside to point the way.  Interestingly enough this cat cafe is also across the way from a dog cafe. Don’t get your hopes too high though. If you’re expecting huskies and labs you’ll be sorely disappointed. Most dog cafes in Korea feature Pomeranians and cocker spaniel themed dogs.

Argos Captain and Clark
Argos disapproves of small dogs


Personally, if it were up to me, I’d have a dog cafe that only had Jindo dogs. Clearly it would also only play K-Pop 24/7.


baby Jindo puppies
Jindo dogs, native to the peninsula, are considered a national treasure by the Korean Government
handsome Jindo dogs

Any cat lover would be remiss to pass up a cat cafe while in Korea. It’s your chance to be a crazy cat person but with out the horrible social stigma.

What about you, cat cafe or dog cafe?

We want to know.


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4 thoughts on “Cat Cafes in Korea

    • Author gravatar

      Cat/dog cafes are a great idea… gives those of us, who for any number of reasons, can’t have a pet a chance to enjoy and connect with them. Studies show playing with a cat/dog or just petting them is good for the blood pressure and mental health. Looks like you two were pretty chill while there. Way to go!

    • Author gravatar

      I literally have loved this idea so much since I first heard about it a while ago that I want to look into starting one of these up after I’m done school… I bet Canada has some pretty strict/weird laws about having cats around “food” though… To be continued!

    • Author gravatar

      I seriously want to go to South Korea JUST so I can hang out at cat cafes. Coffee AND cats?? I would have no reason to go home!

    • Author gravatar

      So interesting – I’d heard of cat cafes in Japan, but not South Korea! Would love to go to one – it’s the perfect solution someone like me with a boyfriend who is pretty allergic to animals!

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