The World’s Largest Step-Well

The World’s Largest Step-Well

In the Rajasthan province of India there is an architectural wonder. Chand Baori is the world’s oldest and largest step-well. With over 3,500 steps, this 13 story well once was the hub of the area. Built by the priest class between 800 and 900 CE it was filled entirely by rain water and by hand. Yes, people would carry enormous pots of water for miles just to fill the well in preparation of droughts. In its prime, the Chand Baori step-well was used not only as the primary source of drinking water but also as a communal gathering. Though it was the area where all water was collected and laundry done, today it is in disrepair. The water fills only the bottom most level and the well is often used as a toilet by the locals.


It’s the steps that make this well such a marvel. Not only do they look incredibly impressive but they ensured that any number of locals could gain access to the water regardless of the level.

If you’re hoping to find something great to do while in India or if you’re looking for mysterious and wonderful part of India this is certainly on the list. The well is rarely visited, despite the fact that it was featured in The Dark Knight. You might recognize it as the prison that Bane comes from. Needless to say the Chand Baori step-well is one of the coolest structures we’ve ever seen in the world.

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the oldest step well in the world


the world's oldest step well


Have you ever seen anything like the Chand Baori well? If so, we’d love to know.

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