AlcoHAUL. Episode one. [feat. Koloa Rum]

AlcoHAUL. Episode one. [feat. Koloa Rum]

Hey party people! We’re thrilled to introduce our new series on YouTube. This whole thing happened pretty organically but we’re very excited about it. As you may know, we tend to only collect two kinds of souvenirs from our travels. The first being art that we can display in our apartment and the second being destination specific alcohol.

When we returned from our Caribbean cruise, we found ourselves with four big bottles of alcohol tucked in between clothes in Chris’ bag. Upon grabbing said bag from the carousel in Sea-Tac airport, we realized that something went horribly wrong. The bag was sticky and had been stained red. Closer inspection revealed that one of our precious bottles (a hibiscus liquor from Haiti) had shattered and stained everything in the bag a vibrant red. While Chris was mourning the death of his favorite suit, I was blathering about how I no longer was able to make the cocktail that I had been fantasizing about while on the plane.

Alcohol alchohaul booze liquor from around the world

It was then that we decided to make a series about all the liquor we bring back from our travels along with recipes on how to use them. Here’s how AlcoHAUL works:

Step 1: We introduce a bottle from our travels

Step 2: One of us has to make a delicious drink using the booze and whatever we have in our kitchen.

Step 3: The non-barkeep has to rate the drink on a scale of 1-10.

Take a peek at our pilot episode and let us know what you think. It features delicious Koloa spiced rum from the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.

What’s your favorite drink that you’ve discovered on your travels?


2 thoughts on “AlcoHAUL. Episode one. [feat. Koloa Rum]

    • Author gravatar you mind if I steal this idea for when I live INDONESIA starting September?! I’ll give you credit of course… This is just BRILLIANT!

      -Maria Alexandra

    • Author gravatar

      Hilarious Video & a FABULOUS IDEA! I Love it! My friends and I annually charter a boat down in the BVI, we give everyone a job/duty for the week… and if we do our job well, we get a ladle full of rum! It usually tends to be a mega-cooking spoon bc thats all that available stocked on a bareboat charter! WE do our Jobs Well! Keep up the videos! just back from a sailing trip in the Aegadian Islands (off the coast of Sicily) and am Loving “Florio Amaro- casa Fondata Nel 1833” a delicious digestivo!

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