AlcoHAUL. Episode 2 [feat. Sangster’s Coconut rum liquor]

So, if you’re a subscriber to our YouTube channel you already know that we’ve posted FOUR AlcoHAUL videos. If you’re not a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you should be. Why, you ask? Because then you won’t have to wait for our lazy selves to write a post to accompany the videos here. Everyone wins! Today’s AlcoHAUL video is brought […]

Milestones for a dear friend

Today marks the 29th birthday for a friend that I’ve known for over 15 years. We met in 7th grade math class. She sported her red hair in a long braid down her back with baggy jeans and a boy’s button-up shirt. I wore these hideous red, white, and blue Sketchers platforms that were made popular by the Spice Girls, […]

Finding our Storybook in Costa Brava, Spain

It seems like just yesterday that we were in Spain. And it is only now, two months later, that we are able to fully digest and appreciate everything that we experienced. Exploration and discovery were the names of the game. We traversed Costa Brava by hiking foggy trails to majestic fortresses. We drove through medieval towns with the windows down, […]

Life at home

Yesterday we napped. Now, it wasn’t just any old nap. It was a nap in our very own apartment, on our ridiculously large California king sized bed, and at that magical hour in the afternoon where the honey-colored sun is pouring though the window with a light breeze wafting through the room. It should be added that this nap happened […]