AlcoHAUL. Episode 2 [feat. Sangster’s Coconut rum liquor]

AlcoHAUL. Episode 2 [feat. Sangster’s Coconut rum liquor]

Sangster's coconut rum liqueur

So, if you’re a subscriber to our YouTube channel you already know that we’ve posted FOUR AlcoHAUL videos. If you’re not a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you should be. Why, you ask? Because then you won’t have to wait for our lazy selves to write a post to accompany the videos here. Everyone wins!

Today’s AlcoHAUL video is brought to you by Sangster’s Coconut Rum Liqueur. We picked up this creamy beauty from our pit stop in Falmouth, Jamaica. After gorging ourselves on jerk chicken and Red Stripe beer, we scoured the streets for a nice liquid libation to bring back as a souvenir. We love how creamy and smooth this liqueur is and that you can put a little bit in your coffee or on top of ice cream. You could even mix your coffee, ice cream, and Sangster’s Coconut Rum Liqueur together for a boozy milkshake!

Take a peek at what we made in our second episode of AlcoHAUL below.

As you can see, there’s a lot of uses for this liqueur. If you ever get the chance, pick up a bottle and let us know what kind of boozy concoctions you come up with.

What about you? What libations have you tried on your travels that you would recommend. We’re always on the prowl for the next featured beverage. Let us know in the comment section below.


3 thoughts on “AlcoHAUL. Episode 2 [feat. Sangster’s Coconut rum liquor]

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      Looks like this cream rum would go well with my summer activities … I’ll have to see if the provincial liquor store carries it here in Nova Scotia, Canada (the government controls liquor here still, crazy, huh?)

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      Rum isn’t our drink of choice, which is going to be a problem as we are heading to the Caribbean in less than a month. We hear about all the great rums at $7 for a big bottle and won’t be able to enjoy them! Instead we will be drinking the expensive imported beers and vodka. Oh well, it’s the Caribbean… it’s meant to be expensive!

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      I need that Steve Zissou poster right now. Where is it from? x

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