The furry felines of Greece

The furry felines of Greece

It should be no secret that Chris and I are extreme animal lovers. We tend to befriend stray creatures almost everywhere we go and Greece was no exception. While we gather our thoughts on a more thorough round up of our time in the country, we would like to showcase a few of our new buddies. Thank God our suitcases won’t fit more in them or else we would be bringing home a few new members to the family.

Behold, the cute kittens of Greece.

Cats in Greece

Cats in Greece

So many cats in Greece

Cats all over Ephesus Turkey

Don’t worry, there’s more. We have enough photos of cats that we could probably start a new blog based solely on the kitties of Greece. It should be noted that we were pleased to see that most of the cats were well fed and regarded as harmless.

Cute cats of Greece

cute cats in greece

Cats all over Greece

Cute kitties in Greece


Tell us what you think. Are you animal lovers like us? Which cat is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.


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