Croatia, how we love thee.

Croatia, how we love thee.

It’s been three days since we left our beloved country of Croatia. It had been thirteen months since our last visit but as soon as we landed we felt as if no time had passed at all. There’s something so special about the country and we still haven’t been able to put our hands on exactly what it is. Maybe it’s because there isn’t just one reason to love Croatia. There’s many!

The food.

My mouth involuntarily started watering as soon as I began reminiscing about the delicious meals we had in Croatia. Being in close proximity to Italy, Austria, and Hungary the country is blessed with the perfect marriage of tastes. I particularly enjoy the heartiness found in the Austrian-Hungarian meals and the savory dishes deriving from Italy. Gorgonzola gnocchi, for the win!

Also, this trip we visited the Istria province at the heart of white truffle season. I had a breakfast and lunch that consisted of mostly truffles with small helpings of pasta and eggs on the side. Um, what? Pair that with the wine and olive oil from the region and there’s really no reason to ever leave… or go hungry.

Best dining: Bistro Fajn in Zagreb, Croatia

And I know we’re going to be writing a post solely dedicated to the ridiculously delicious meals we had while on our trip, but I need to pay homage to the best soup I’ve ever tasted (pictured above). Found at Bistro Fajn in Zagreb, this pumpkin and chestnut soup came accessorized with caramelized pumpkin seeds and a juicy ox tail ravioli on top. My only complaint was that there weren’t more ravioli. I could have eaten it for days.

The people.

We discovered that most Croats have an amazing sense of humor. Their sarcasm and sense of timing is priceless. Everyone we met, from our taxi drivers to hotel staff, were friendly and hilarious.

Some of the most entertaining conversations we had revolved around the history of Croatia and the raw emotions that come from discussing it. Most locals are very candid about their feelings and have a strong patriotism for their country that was infectious.

The coffee culture.

Hailing from Seattle, it’s no secret that we love of our coffee. Have you seen our instagram? It seems like almost every other picture is of a cup of java we’ve recently enjoyed. And you know what? We’re not even mad about it.delicious and cheap coffee in Croatia

We noticed that Zagrebians? Zagrebites? -those living in big cities like Zagreb and Rijeka also enjoy their coffee. With multiple cafes hiding throughout every corner of the city, it’s easy to see how meetings, dates, and even work, are centered around one of these local haunts. As Chris and I were walking around Zagreb on a Tuesday I had to stop and wonder if any of the hundreds of people out enjoying coffee had day jobs. Turns out, they just know how to get work done while enjoying a delicious cuppa joe.

The scenery.

Croatia is beautiful, y’all. Granted, we’ve only visited it in the fall, but rumor has it that it’s still as breathtaking in every other season. This time around, we rented a car from UK Car Rentals and found ourselves basking in the glory of fall. The leaves were changing to fiery orange and red hues. It’s a miracle we made it to any of our destinations as we were tempted to stop and take photos every other mile.

Plitvice in the fall. Croatia

The prices.

Unlike a lot of Europe, Croatia is relatively easy on the wallet. We were stunned (and a little buzzed) after six shots of rakia (a yummy Croatia spirit) and two beers set us back a grand total of 94 kuna, or approximately $15USD. Fifteen dollars would barely buy us ONE drink in Vegas, let alone two rounds for a table of four. Don’t even get us started on the coffee. What would typically set us back at least ten dollars back home only cost three dollars in this beautiful country. Coffee’s on us!

Hostel Shappy in Zagreb.

Food and drink aren’t the only reasonably priced luxuries in the country. If you know where to look, you can easily find comfortable and stylish accommodations without breaking the bank. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Shappy Hostel & Bar in Zagreb. Now, before you jump to any conclusion about hostels, rest assured that this one is different. Not only is the decor clean and hip, but Shappy also offers private rooms with en suite bathrooms. The best part? The location is in the heart of all the action. For a mere $40 USD, one can sleep in their own room, enjoy a nice long shower, and be minutes away from Zagreb’s hottest restaurants, sights, and bars. Le bomb.

Door porn.

You know a country is gorgeous when even their doors look good! We featured the breathtaking doors of Croatia in a post before but after our latest trip, we are going to revisit the subject. Why can’t doors in America look like this?!

Door porn in Croatia

Have you been to Croatia? What are your favorite parts of the country? Let us know in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “Croatia, how we love thee.

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      Croatia is my favorite country I have visited so far, largely for the reasons you have already listed! I lived in Split for 5 months and have visited some of the less popular surrounding islands. I could go one for ages about all of the amazing things about this country, but the people certainly top the list. They are welcoming, and hilarious, and after spending just a short time with them, they can feel like life long friends. I can’t wait to return!

      Kait xx

      • Author gravatar

        First, let us just tell you how jealous we are that you lived in Croatia! We’re seriously considering packing up all of our belongings and moving to either Zagreb or Opatija. We’re obsessed!

        Second, we’re thrilled that there are other Croatia-philes out there. The people are truly incredible and we just love their sense of humor. Here’s hoping we all make it back soon!

    • Author gravatar

      We’re going in 8 days!!! Bookmarking all your posts for airplane reading materials. 😉

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