Shots of coffee around the world

Shots of coffee around the world

We like to joke about our caffeine dependency. Being from the Seattle area, it’s a pretty accurate stereotype that we are helplessly addicted to coffee. Of all our travels across the globe, our most difficult to date was our trip through the southern states of the US where there was no coffee to be found for hundreds of miles. It should be noted that “sweet tea” and Coca Cola are, in fact, not substitutes for coffee. You may remember this from our last round of coffee pictures. Both Tawny and I would gladly trade sleep, laundry, and comfortable bus seats for a cup of coffee on the road.

As such, it should come as no shock that our collection of joe around the world has grown recently. Without further ado we give you our newest photos of coffee around the world.

Coffee RTW with Captain and Clark

So far, coffee in Bangkok has been as much about the latte art as it has about the flavor. Watch out, this powerful metropolis has everything your heart desires.

Coffee in Colombo, Sri Lanka

All of our coffee experiences in Sri Lanka were on the road. For a culture more fixated on Ceylon tea (endemic to the area), we have to say that the coffee was more powerful than anything. It was designed to get you up and moving, not sitting in the cafe.

coffee culture in Rome, Itlay

Rome is all about the etiquette of coffee. A waiter once refused to serve us a cappuccino as an after dinner coffee. Espresso is the drink of choice to finish up a meal. Cappuccinos are exclusively for breakfast.

Coffee in Croatia

The coffee in Croatia is not only delicious, but theatrical. The idea is to set up shop in any of the outdoor, street-facing coffee shops and people watch as the day goes on. Coffee culture in Croatia is a chance to see and be seen. So dress up, and get your arm candy ready.


coffee in Ljubljana

Ah, Ljubljana, hard to spell and easy to fall in love with. More than anything else, it was the street art in Ljubljana that made us fall so deeply in passion with this city. From ballerinas to Spanish guitarists, the buskers in this Slovenian city really raise the bar. Grabbing a latte on the forum walk is a sweet way to pass the day.

Greek coffee in Athens

Athens has all of the coffee styles under the sun of Apollo. However, to truly taste Greece you should grab Greek coffee. This delicacy has a finely ground layer of coffee at the bottom of your espresso cup that provides a huge kick to your cup. Just don’t drink that layer of coffee grounds. It’s not appetizing and the locals might scoff at you.

Turkish coffee

Not unlike their neighbors in Greece, the people of Turkey offer small espressos with a thick layer of grounds on the bottom. We found the coffee in Turkey to be sweeter though, and served with an extra helping of sunshine.


The Greek island of Rhodes has all the coffee you could want, and usually a menagerie of animals to help you drink it. My macaw friend here strolled right up on my shoulder and tried to help himself to my cappuccino. When I refused, he settled for eating the button off my sleeve instead.

Captain Chris Staudinger.

Cheeky parrot.


All of the coffee shops we found in Serbia had smokers galore, and every cappuccino had the most perfect foam we’ve ever seen. The cups are served extra dry, meaning that they have a thick layer of foam on top.


Still though, some of the best coffee we’ve ever had was from Iceland. These creamy cups of liquid happy come with rock sugar and a view of Viking paradise.


Are you as obsessed with coffee as we are? Let us know your favorite caffeinated beverage in the comment section below. Also be sure to check out our newly launched instagram account dedicated to our favorite coffees from around the world- @CoffeeRTW

18 thoughts on “Shots of coffee around the world

    • Author gravatar

      Hahaha I love this post 😀 I’m a real Balkan meaning addicted to black (we call turkish coffee). Happy to hear that u had a good experience in Croatia, we are a real coffee nation for sure, sitting and enjoying. That’s the reason no coffe to go places like Starbucks or smth were never successful here 😀

    • Author gravatar

      That parrot was insane! Glad you got a good pic. The coffee in Greece was alight, but I preferred the Caramel Macchiato on the ship! LOL

    • Author gravatar

      I love having that morning shot or the evening too – can’t call obsessed. Loved this! Out of 2 of us, G is the one who is obsessed with coffee so this would be his field of expertise. I just want to add “Filter Kaapi” which is basically Indian version of filter coffee, made by froth, milk and coffee that’s grown locally.

    • Author gravatar

      It really is interesting to see coffee from all over the world. I recently had coffee in Mexico at several places. This was my first adventure out of the country. I was surprised by the richness of the coffee that I drank. Even the most typical of coffee places seemed to have a richer taste than what I’m used to.

    • Author gravatar

      Being a self confessed coffee junkie this post definitely plays at the heart strings! It’s fascinating to see different variations from all over the world.

      Have you tried the coffee in vietnam? If not, add it to the list. It is unique.

    • Author gravatar

      For all the coffee shops in Korea, I’m surprised to not see them represented here. My favourite things at those shops though, wasn’t coffee but the sweet potato lattes. Mmm…

      The best coffee I’ve had so far while travelling has been in Costa Rica. So smooth tasting and incredibly local.

      • Author gravatar

        You’re absolutely right! We have SO many coffee photos from Korea and we both thought we had included at least one. Looks like we’ll have to write another post featuring them soon.

        Looks like we’ll also have to add Costa Rican coffee to our list. It sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      Hello! This is my first time checking out your blog (I saw you guys speak at TBEX Athens) and I really like this post. I think the love of coffee is a universal thing, yet it is so personal as well. Everyone, and every country, has their way. Though I must admit – being from Texas, I do love me some ice-cold sweet tea! 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      In Hanoi-Vietnam, I really recommend that special coffee renowned for long time, surely any foreigners tasting this coffee get impressed. EGG-Coffee, when you travel Hanoi, find the shop located on 39 Nguyen Huu Huan street.

    • Author gravatar

      really coffee in Bangkok has been as much about the latte art as it has about the flavor. i like this art in coffee. really its looking very beautiful. i like to drink coffee.

    • Author gravatar

      Being a coffee addict it one of the best articles i ever found.
      I found varieties of coffee from different corners of world ….This worked out as magic for me.
      I just liked Starbucks and that parrot is seriously funny 😀

    • Author gravatar

      This is my first time checking out your blog and I really like this post. I think the love of coffee is a universal thing as other commentator , yet it is so personal as well. Everyone, and every country, has their way. Though I must admit – being from Budapest.

    • Author gravatar

      Whenever I go somewhere new, I always try to taste different types of coffee in various places. I have the best memories in coffeeshop, because you never know who you might encounter there and make new friends. Not to mention, the fact, that findind a tasty coffee makes any day better.

    • Author gravatar

      Nowdays the coffee with the foam design over it are trending .. and i love having it.
      Being coffee addict its always pleasure to explore new new version of tasty coffee adding different flavours and making it more tasty.

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