Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia was just a blurb on our trip around the world but the city of Ljubljana left quite the impression. We’ve always said that we could live in Croatia but now we think that we can add Slovenia (or at least Ljubljana) to the list. While we only had 48 hours in the country, we made sure to explore as […]

Where we slept. Croatia edition.

Our love affair with Croatia continues. This time we’re bringing you the amazing places we stayed at while touring the country. If you’re looking for great accommodation in Croatia, look no further. We really ran the gamut when it came to where we slept in the country. From hostels to five star hotels, I can honestly say that we enjoyed […]

Our Sri Lanka elephant safari

In second grade, my class was assigned with the task of writing a report on our favorite animals. At the time, I had a million “favorite” animals. That was back when I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. Didn’t everyone? After much deliberation and a few cartons of chocolate milk, I made the difficult decision […]

An epic year. 2014 in review

Well, Tawny, it is that time of year again. That tail end of our annual adventures in which I remind you of what happened, so that you don’t forget. Since for some reason, you often do. 2014, the year of the Horse, was all that we expected, and more. It should also be mentioned, since you forget this part too, […]

Treat your traveler this Christmas

The holidays are upon us (where did Halloween and Thanksgiving go?) and it’s time to start crossing things off that long list of gifts for your loved ones. Do you have a frequent traveler in your family? Or anyone recently diagnosed with wanderlust? If so, we’ve concocted a list of Captain and Clark approved holiday gifts for the travelers in […]

Greece according to our Instagram

We’re only now recovering from our whirlwind journey around the world. We can’t believe that it all started with TBEX in Athens. Greece seems like it was years ago. In order to jolt our memories and share a few of our adventures with you, we’ve opened up our Instagram vault. It was my very first time in the country (Chris […]

Returning to Croatia, our happy place

We love Croatia. There, I said it. I love Croatia more than warm clothes fresh out of the dryer, more than my beloved Anderson Cooper, and dare I say even more than cheese. CHEESE. We have an unabashed obsession with this country. Maybe it’s the stylish people and their dry sense of humor (made even better by those sexy accent, […]