Treat your traveler this Christmas

Treat your traveler this Christmas

Travelers xmas gift guide

The holidays are upon us (where did Halloween and Thanksgiving go?) and it’s time to start crossing things off that long list of gifts for your loved ones. Do you have a frequent traveler in your family? Or anyone recently diagnosed with wanderlust? If so, we’ve concocted a list of Captain and Clark approved holiday gifts for the travelers in your family.


Travelers gift guide

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I was unsure what all the hype was about. I mean, it’s a book about hiking. But it ended up being so much more than that. It’s honest and breathtaking and gut wrenching and intimate and inspiring and there are moments where you pause and ask yourself, “Did she really just say that?” After finishing the book, I actually looked at Chris and told him that I wanted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. He still thinks I’m crazy, but after reading about Cheryl and her journey, I just might do it. This book provides great reading while on long train or plane journeys. It’s also great for fueling that wanderlust. New paperback starting around $10.

Lo & Sons O.G. travel bag

OK, so the website states that the Lo & Sons O.G. bag is an “overnight and gym bag” but let me tell you, this is the perfect bag for travelers and digital nomads alike. My O.G. has seen over a dozen countries and counting. It’s the perfect carry on as it fits my laptop, toiletry bag, reading book, notebook, pens, wallet, and everything else needed for a trip. I’ve even stuffed an outfit or two in there.

Lo & Sons O.G. travel bag

Not only does it have space for everything (there’s actually a side zipper for a pocket where you can put your shoes!), it’s also incredibly durable. You’d never know that I’ve had this bag for over a year and have taken it around the world and back again. It looks just as new as they day I got it. At $221.25 with holiday discount, it’s a little pricey but definitely worth it if you plan on using it for years to come.

A Try the World box subscription

A delicious Try the World box subscription is sure to please not only the travelers in your family but also anyone that enjoys food. And the last time I checked, that’s almost everyone. We recently received our holiday box and it’s stuffed with delicious treats from all over the world. Try the World is a bi-monthly subscription service that brings a box of delicious worldly treats to your door. Each box has a destination theme-be it Tokyo, Paris, or even Istanbul-and comes with a variety of edible treats from each region.

Try the World box review

Bonus: if you use the code CAPTAINCLARKTRAVEL you’ll receive 30% off your first box for the bi-monthly subscription.

*Update: For a limited time, Try the World has a special holiday offer of 50% your first box. Click here to get all the deets.

Kenu Highline

Chris and I swear by the Kenu Highline. Although it’s not the most stylish addition to your wardrobe, you won’t care once you realize just how cool it is. These security leashes prevent your precious phone from getting smashed, cracked, lost, and stolen. The elastic leash is made from Kevlar (yup, Kevlar) and can withstand being severed by sharp objects. No subway thievery or pickpocketing happening here. The Kevlar loop attachment can tie to almost everything (belt loops, purses, wrist straps, etc) making it easy to strap your phone wherever you need it to go.

For me, I’m not so much worried about my phone getting stolen. My focus is on making sure I don’t drop it as I’m trying to take pictures. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve almost given Chris a heart attack from leaning over the side of a ship to get a photo or attempting to take a video out of a moving vehicle. If not for the Kenu, I’m sure I would have killed my phone months ago.

Find the right Kenu for your phone here. $24.95

Apple iPad

We’re definitely Apple people. Chris teased me when I told him that I wanted to get an iPad for our travels. Between our iPhones and macbooks, he didn’t see the purposed of having a middle man. That all changed on our recent trip around the world. Long delays, epic train travels, ridiculous layovers, and 13-hour plane rides made the iPad seem like our best friend. Between games of Space Team and Plants VS Zombies, we had hours that we should have been working were spent distracted by our new buddy. While we borrowed the iPad from our cousins, I think we might just have to invest in one for ourselves. We currently have our eyes on the iPad Air 2. It’s a beauty.

Starting at $500.

ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket

OK, so this is one cool jacket. Well, actually it’s warm. You get the gist.

We have a few chilly weather travels in our future and I’ve been on the search for a comfy but practical jacket. This one fits the bill perfectly. Not only does it have a bazillion pockets (complete with pictures to tell you what goes where) and is ridiculously warm, but the entire jacket can actually be rolled up into a neck pillow. That’s right. A jacket and pillow in one.

This jacket is light weight, water resistant, and stylish.

Men’s and women’s coming in at $160

Flytographer best gift for travelersA Flytographer photo shoot

One of the most genius souvenirs we’ve ever come across, Flytographer is the gift that keeps on giving. Our Flytographer session was one of the highlights from our trip to Slovenia.A professional photographer meets you in one of 120 cities around the world and takes mind blowing photos of you. We’re talking framers. All of them.

Starting at $250, Flytographer is a great way to remember your trip and decorate your home. As a holiday treat, our friends at Flytographer offered our readers a $50 coupon. Just use the code: CAPTAINCLARK


Holiday stocking stuffers

Aventure Wilderness Flask

This bad boy was given to us as a wedding gift and we’ve been fighting over it ever since. Chris seems to think it’s his, but I’m inclined to disagree. Either way, for only $15 a pop, I think we’ll be investing in another one. You can’t go wrong with throwing this in a stocking with a couple of shooters (you know you can take those on the plane, right?!)

The Predator tactical flashlight

The name makes it sounds incredibly daunting, but this sturdy flashlight has come in handy on almost all of our travels. We’ve used it to navigate night trains, check for geckos under our bed, and shine in each others eyes during fights. With a 400-meter beam distance, it’s also great when you find yourself lost in the dark, attempting to hike Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak (story on that experience later). $70

PowerNow portable iPhone charger

We were actually gifted this last Christmas and love it so much that we’re willing to share it with you. This little device is able to charge your smartphone while on the go. It can hold a charge for up to a year and also comes with a handy dandy flashlight. We’re constantly using ours and never (purposefully) leave home without it. Coming in at $29.95, it’s a great way to stay charged while on the road.



Christmas charities

The holidays aren’t just about physical gifts. It’s also a wonderful time to give back. Here at Captain and Clark, we try to do a little good during the holiday season. Whether it’s paying it forward at a coffee shop, handing out bags of food to the needy, or donating to our favorite charity, we’re sure to spread a little of the Christmas cheer. Here are a few other ways we plan on giving back this season.

Donate to Elephant Nature Park

Save Elephant Foundation's Elepant Nature Park Chiang Mai

We recently had the opportunity to partner with Save Elephant Foundation and visit Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park. Home to over 30 rescued elephants, this sanctuary needs donations to continue rescue efforts of other abused animals as well as care for the resident pachyderms and 300+ rescued dogs and cats. Every little bit helps and we’re happy to contribute to founder Lek Chailert’s valiant efforts. Read more on how to help this wonderful foundation by clicking here.

Participate in Passports with Purpose

Every year, Passports with Purpose (PWP) selects a charity to support. This year, all PWP proceeds will go to Sustainable Harvest International.

Here’s how it works. Up until December 17th, you have the opportunity to browse prizes and purchase an online raffle ticket ($10). Obviously, the more tickets you purchase, the better your chances of winning the awesome prize. These prizes range from Amazon gift cards to an all-expense paid week in France. If you miss the December 17th deadline, never fear. You can still donate without bidding on a prize. Every $5,000 raised will help a family learn to farm sustainably for five years. Take a peek at this year’s incredible prizes by clicking here.



Believe it or not, none of these were sponsored, although we have worked with a few of these brands in the past. They really are just products that we truly believe in. Now, go treat yourself or a loved one!

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