Where we slept. Croatia edition.

Where we slept. Croatia edition.

Our love affair with Croatia continues. This time we’re bringing you the amazing places we stayed at while touring the country. If you’re looking for great accommodation in Croatia, look no further.

We really ran the gamut when it came to where we slept in the country. From hostels to five star hotels, I can honestly say that we enjoyed each place we laid our weary heads.

Hostel Shappy review Zagreb

Hostel Shappy in Zagreb.

OK, so we might have scoffed at the idea of staying at a hostel in the country’s capital. It’s not that we’re against hostels, per se. It’s just that as we age, we find ourselves valuing comfort and we’re willing to pay a little extra to get it. I had just assumed that Hostel Shappy was going to be clad with the typical rickety bunk beds and queasy shared bathrooms. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Hostel Shappy is more reminiscent of a plush boutique hotel. It’s adorable, clean, modern, and in one of the best locations. Even better, Hostel Shappy offers private rooms with en suite bathrooms! That’s my kind of hostel, my friends. In fact, I’ve stayed in many hotels that I would rate below our wonderful experience at Hostel Shappy.

Do you know how you can tell that we had a great stay? I was too busy enjoying our room to actually take a picture of it. I have to leave you with just the photos above and below but I encourage you to Google Hostel Shappy and take a look for yourself. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

While the hostel didn’t offer a breakfast option, they did have a coffee bar that was open to all of its patrons. Hey, coffee is basically our breakfast anyway so we didn’t really mind. The lack of breakfast options just gave us a better excuse to get out and enjoy a breakfast on the town.

Hostel Shappy coffee bar Zagreb

Look at that. Who wouldn’t want to have coffee here?


Did you know Opatija is one of my favorite places in the world? Because it is. I love the place. Seriously. If we were comfortable with taking our beloved cat on another long plane ride, we would probably pack up and move there.

Milenij Hotel Royal Opatija

We were lucky enough to grab a suite at the Milenij Grand Hotel. Our room was the stuff of dreams. The bathroom was the size of our apartment back home and we had French doors that opened out to a balcony looking out over the water. Two plush chairs called to us from the balcony and we found ourselves lingering with our coffees (or champagne) every morning, wanting nothing more than to plop down and watch the day go by.

Milenij hotel Opatija

Another perk to our hotel was that we were just a stone’s throw from Hotel Continental. A child of the Milenij family, this hotel is home to Gastro World, a delicious option for any meal while in town. With six different hospitality gastro contents (a juice and champagne bar, a room designated to aged proscuitto and cheeses, a brewery with 40 different types of beer, a restaurant, a dessert bar, and an entire chocolate factory in the basement), there’s really no way you can go wrong.

Just take a peek at the adorable restaurant within Gastro World. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a meal and one (or more) of the 40 beers available. I could have stayed there all day.

Gastro World in Opatija, Croatia


Oh hey there, five star hotel! We felt like bonafide celebrities as we waltzed into Hotel Lone in the beautiful town of Rovinj. If we had to play the word association game with Hotel Lone we would have to choose “ART.” The art! It was everywhere. Little touches were laid out around every corner. We could even take some home with us. The menus in our room could be unfolded into portable works of art that could be framed and displayed as soon we returned home.

This is an edgy designer hotel made for those that appreciate art and creativity. In fact, one of my favorite memories was meeting a friend in the lobby. She texted us with the message, “I’m here in the lobby right by the DJ. THE DJ!” Oh, and the dry erase black tables in the lobby come equipped with white board pens. Write your name or a special message that will remain until they’re erased overnight.

Hotel Lone Rovinj Croatia

If you really want to treat yourself, book one of the aptly named Jazz rooms with it’s very own infinity pool or perhaps relax in the luxurious spa. After a day of eating nothing but truffles and cheese, I found myself gravitating towards the gym. Equipped with everything a girl could need (treadmills, ellipticals, kettle bells, and more), I found my motivation as I watched everyone swim and lounge in the indoor pool. 

While I was dripping in sweat at the gym, Chris was sweating it out at the hotel’s Finnish sauna. Just remember that the sauna is very traditional and the only attire you’ll be wearing is your towel… if that.

5 star hotel in Rovinj Croatia

Oh, and for those that will be visiting Hotel Lone in the future, please enjoy their Malin+Goetz toiletries for me. I loved them so much that I ended up buying a few large sizes for myself as soon as we returned home. They’re simply amazing and fit with the vibe of the property. Rum body wash anyone?

Truth be told, our schedule was so packed that we barely had time to sleep in our hotel but when we did, it was nothing short of glorious. Our bed was huge an we enjoyed falling asleep to the sound of the nearby ocean. You better believe we’ll be booking a stay at Hotel Lone the next time we’re in Istria (which will hopefully be very soon).


Our stay in Croatia was perfect. We truly enjoyed each place we slept and would highly recommend at least one night in each the next time you find yourself in our favorite country.


Which one of the three hotels really speaks to you? We would love to hear why in the comment section below.



We were guests of the Croatia Tourism Board but all thoughts and opinions remain our own. We’re genuinely obsessed with the county and would recommend these hotels in a heartbeat. 

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