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Learn to make videos like a PRO

Learn to make videos like a PRO

Have you ever wanted to start making money as a travel videographer? Well, you’re in luck. We here at Captain and Clark have been working as professional travel videographers for the last 6 years and have taken everything we have learned along the way and put it into an easy to follow course. This course is designed for the entry-level videographer and has a heavy emphasis on shooting travel videos. However, it is acceptable and helpful for videographers of all skill levels and allows you to work at your own pace. You can go from having never picked up a camera to making a life out of shooting videos, just like we did.

We’ve been working closely with the hit brand, Travel Blog Success, to bring you the Videography for Travel Bloggers Course.


We tried to cover everything from how to select a camera to how to edit and upload your videos. Learn sweet tricks that will give your videos a cohesive feel, and master the mysterious art of digital storytelling. From shooting in the Galapagos to Croatia, we’ll help you take shots, stitch them together and even help you find music for your videos.

180814_565552207130_3791758_nWith over six years of video editing under our belts and working relationships with companies like, Expedia, USA Today, Travel Blog Success, The New York Times, TripFilms, and many more you can trust our expertise.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and film your world!

Check out the course HERE!


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