Looking forward to Frankfurt

Looking forward to Frankfurt

After a brief stint at home to grow and give birth to a baby, we’re back in action! Once Holden hit four months old, we hopped on our first plane and haven’t looked back. This summer we’re taking a pretty epic trip to Europe. We’re still working out our final schedule, but for now it looks a little something like this: crash our friends’ honeymoon in Scotland for a week (it’s okay, they invited us), fly to Croatia where we’ll spend a week with Chris’ two younger brothers on their first trip abroad, hop over to Portugal to explore a new country, and then hopefully end in Germany.

We actually spent a few weeks in Germany last fall. We were invited to The Video Summit Leipzig where we met up with some of our fellow travel videographers. It was also Holden’s first trip. Wanting to make the most of those two weeks, we spent five days in Leipzig, made a quick stop in Dresden, and then headed onward to Prague. After Prague, we hightailed it back to Berlin where we spent a full day exploring before we had to catch our flight home. And while we loved the parts of Germany that we experienced on that trip, we were left with wanting more.

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With our big Europe trip approaching, I’ve started to research a few of the places we want to visit in Germany. And while there are a ton of places we want to explore, Frankfurt seemed like a good hub to start our journey. So naturally, I’ve had to find the best things to do in Frankfurt.

One of our favorite ways to explore a new destination is by renting a car. It seems like it would be best to hire a car from Frankfurt airport and then take off from there. Before we head off to explore Bavaria (because that has to happen this time), we’ve decided to spend a few days enjoying all that Frankfurt has to offer.

From my research, Frankfurt is a major European finance and business hub. But don’t let Frankfurt’s high economic standing fool you into thinking it doesn’t have the romance and history of other European cities. Frankfurt’s Old Town (Altstadt) is home to the Römerberg, an adorable, irregularly shaped square that surrounds the Justice Fountain. This looks like the place to take photos and even do a bit of shopping.

And as always, I’m on the lookout for the best places to eat and grab a decent cup of coffee. It’s been said that Bitter Zart is the place to satisfy any chocolate cravings. Truffles, chocolate covered marshmallows, and chocolate cake all await us at this sinful shop. There’s also a tea salon next door (don’t worry, they also sell coffee and champagne!) to go with any treats you might purchase.

As far as hotels go, I recently stumbled across 25hours Hotels and I am smitten. I honestly have no idea how I found this hotel chain but it is arguably the hippest set of hotels I’ve ever seen. Think the Ace Hotels of Europe. There are two properties in Frankfurt and while I could easily stay at either, I am partial to the Levi’s hotel (yes, like the jeans). I’m obsessed with the room decor and love that cribs are provided upon request.

Best hipster boutique hotels in Frankfurt
Stephan Lemke for 25hours Hotels

I can’t wait to go back and discover more of Germany. We would love to hear any tips that you have. We barely scratched the surface and are leaving our itinerary relatively open so that we have the freedom to explore at will. As your probably already know, we’re especially keen towards food and coffee recommendations.



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