Spain’s Most Instagrammable Locations

Spain’s Most Instagrammable Locations

If you like to add a few memorable photographs to your Instagram account you need to head to Spain. This country is home to some incredible locations that are ideal for those who like to take special photographs. From man-made to natural structures that are all worth visiting, Spain certainly seems to have it all.

The Tibidabo Ferris Wheel

We all know how Ferris wheels can give us the chance to see the surrounding area from a whole new perspective. When you jump on the Tibidabo Ferris wheel you will have the chance to snap some amazing views. If you choose to ride the wheel during the night you will see many of Barcelona’s lights from above, the sight is quite something. If you choose to ride the wheel during the daytime you will be able to see much of Barcelona laid out beneath you with the Mediterranean sea in the background, incredible.

Catedrales Beach, Lugo, Galicia

Located in Ribadeo and on the Cantabric coast, Catedrales Beach is an absolutely stunning place to visit and take a few photographs for your Instagram account. With natural arches and enigmatic caves, the beach is well worth visiting. Ideal when the tide is low or high, the arches are made from slate and metamorphic rock. Take a few photographs overlooking the beach or from in between the rocky walls. You can safely swim in the waters or rent a boat in Spain if you would prefer not to get wet.

The Nervion Waterfall, Basque Country and Castile and Leon

If you have the opportunity to spend a bit of time at the Nervion waterfall you’ll be in for a real treat. You can get some amazing photographs of the waterfall and from a number of different angles too. The highest waterfall located on the Iberian peninsula, the waterfall is 270 metres high and is nothing short of stunning.

If you can, visit the waterfall when it’s thawing out in the winter time or when it’s raining as there tends to be a lot more water around. Get snap happy whenever you visit, the photographs you take will look incredible.

Riotinto, Huelva

Visiting Riotinto is a little like visiting Mars. The landscape is red, yellow, brown and different shades of green. The ochre and the limestone rock are just incredible and have to be seen to be believed. Located in a mining park in Huelva, this is the ideal place to visit if you want to add some photographs to your Instagram account that are a little bit different.

Just so you know, you can travel around the mining park on a steam train, allowing you to take even more unique photographs.

The above four locations are some of Spain’s most intriguing and incredible places to visit. Instagram lovers will no doubt be able to snap some very special photographs making their account even more special. So, get your camera at the ready and prepare to take some very special photographs that will make all of your followers very jealous.

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