Win the vacation of your dreams with Expedia!

Win the vacation of your dreams with Expedia!

Thanks to social media (looking at you, Instagram!), the bar for taking photos has been set ridiculously high. What would once be a normal meal at a low key dinner can quickly turn into balancing on chairs, your phone hovering precariously over your banana pancakes as your friends scramble to arrange coffees and napkins for the perfect shot. We’ve all done it.

It’s no different with family photos. When I was younger, I remember our yearly trips to the photo studio. My mom, dad, brother, and I would all be wearing coordination outfits (one year it was denim-on-denim. Seriously) and at least one of us would have an emotional meltdown during our session. Every year, my mom would swear that she would never do it again as it was more trouble than it was worth. And every year, we’d send out our holiday cards with our sideways smiles and matching attire.

In this case, change is good! Gone are the days of rigid posed studio shoots. Now days, you’re most likely to find family photos taken in fields of flowers or frolicking on a pristine beach. Since we’re in the PNW, so many of our friends have a mountain or a forest of trees photobombing their family shoots. And I’m not complaining. One might even say that annual family photos are the new humble brag.

But what about taking your family photos to the next level? One thing that Chris and I discovered is that some of our best photos come from our travels. An obvious favorite is this photo from our engagement at the Taj Mahal.

When I was six months pregnant with Holden, we had a very special Flytographer shoot on the beach on Maui. These photos spark such fun memories for me. We didn’t know what to expect with welcoming our first child and just how amazed (and sleep deprived) we were about to become.

And on our last few trips to South Korea and Hawaii, we enlisted friends and strangers alike to capture photos that now grace our refrigerator and hallways. They might not always be perfect but we love bringing home photo souvenirs from our trips together.

To help capture the perfect photo for your 2019 holiday cards, Expedia is offering one person the opportunity of a lifetime! Expedia is giving away a $50,000 all-expense paid trip for one lucky winner to take their dream vacation. Will you take your photos overlooking Machu Picchu? Or perhaps on safari in the Serengeti? Or maybe send out an underwater photo from your time swimming with whale sharks? You might even have better luck getting your entire family to look at the camera at the fruit stands on the North Shore of Oahu.

Whatever it is, Expedia is footing the bill. And while only one person can walk away with the main prize, we’re all winners. Expedia is offering 50% off of activities from July 1-7. From glitzy Vegas shows and helicopter tours, to dinner cruises and skydiving, there’s surely something for everyone.

Entering is easy. Just head to to be in the running for this incredible prize. And don’t forget to book your 50% off activities. You don’t have to be on vacation to take advantage of the sale. There’s till plenty to do in your own backyard.

Where would you capture your 2019 photo if you won the prize? Let us know in the comment section below!

This sponsored post is brought to you in partnership with Expedia. 

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