A Photographic History of Captain and Clark

5 days to the wedding! As this auspicious day draws nigh it’s time to reflect on how we got here. I present to you, dear friends, a photographic history of Captain and Clark. Thank you all for joining us on this incredible journey! We are honored to have been able to share our journeys with you. If in any way […]

Coffee Around the World

It’s no secret that the single most important thing in Tawny and my life is coffee. That might be an exaggeration, but I’m unwilling to discuss it until after my Starbucks run. A lot of people ask us if we’ve ever encountered hardships while traveling. They ask us if being in Thailand during the Red Shirt protests was difficult, or […]

A wrap up of our European adventure with @GoWithOh

It’s hard to believe that four months ago we were exploring all that London, Paris, Vienna, Venice, and Rome had to offer. Sometimes it feels like a dream. I often find myself missing the cleanliness and ease of riding the Tube throughout London. I long for the freshly¬† baked pain au chocolats that I devoured daily while walking the streets […]

See Vienna with GetYourGuide

I hadn’t expected to like Vienna as much as I did. Most of what I knew about the city I had learned from The Illusionist with Edward Norton. I’m sure Vienna is thrilled to have that as their flagship ambassador. Nevertheless, my interest about this city has been stoked slowly for many years. Our arrival felt more like a dream […]

Love and fun at the Prater in Vienna.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, our travels have introduced us to some of the most talented people out there. We’re constantly amazed by the lifelong friends that we make when we explore the world. We met some of our best friends while in Korea and even though we rarely see each other, when we eventually do, […]