Feeling the love in France

Spoiler alert. Francophiles beware. In this post we’ll be expressing our love/hate relationship with France. Don’t judge too harshly. It gets better towards the end.  I can’t believe that it took me 27 years to finally step foot in France. I had climbed Kilimanjaro, traversed Rajasthan, and licked salt from the floors of the Uyuni flats in Bolivia before I […]

A Photographic History of Captain and Clark

5 days to the wedding! As this auspicious day draws nigh it’s time to reflect on how we got here. I present to you, dear friends, a photographic history of Captain and Clark. Thank you all for joining us on this incredible journey! We are honored to have been able to share our journeys with you. If in any way […]

10 Large Erections Around the World

Does size matter? We’ve put this age-old question to the test lately. Tawny and I have spent our lives watching notable world landmarks on the big screen and wanting to go there. When we arrive however, it’s not always what we expected. Not unlike online dating, we’ve found that what we see on the screen isn’t always what we meet […]

Coffee Around the World

It’s no secret that the single most important thing in Tawny and my life is coffee. That might be an exaggeration, but I’m unwilling to discuss it until after my Starbucks run. A lot of people ask us if we’ve ever encountered hardships while traveling. They ask us if being in Thailand during the Red Shirt protests was difficult, or […]

A wrap up of our European adventure with @GoWithOh

It’s hard to believe that four months ago we were exploring all that London, Paris, Vienna, Venice, and Rome had to offer. Sometimes it feels like a dream. I often find myself missing the cleanliness and ease of riding the Tube throughout London. I long for the freshly  baked pain au chocolats that I devoured daily while walking the streets […]

Reflections among 6 million dead in the Paris catacombs

Deep underneath the storefront windows and busy Parisian streets lies endless tunnels. Some of these tunnels are empty, some filled with graffiti art, and others are piled high with human bones. It’s no secret that these tunnels exist, but not many people know exactly what lies beneath the cobblestone streets. Having seen pictures of the stocked human remains beforehand, I […]

Keeping our love locked down in Paris.

Paris was the second stop on our whirlwind GowithOh European tour. Paris has been revered as the city of light, love, and pain au chocolats. It’s also surprisingly dirty, but we’ll get to that in another post. Copious amounts of dog poop and rambunctious tourists aside, Paris is a wonderful place for lovers. There’s the sparkling Eiffel Tower, champagne boat […]

Paris, an intimate look.

When Chris and I first started blogging it was to encourage and inspire our friends and peers to get out and explore our beautiful world.  We strive to keep the wonder and excitement from our travels in all of our posts.  Sometimes we feel as if we are doing a disservice by posting our true feelings about a certain destination, […]

The world’s most romantic destinations.

With Valentine’s day upon us we wanted to write a post that would inspire love and affection.  After trying and failing multiple times, we decided to leave it in the hands of our fellow colleagues and bloggers.  We asked some of our favorite traveling couples to weigh in on the most romantic destinations that they’ve been to. Breckenridge, Colorado. (by […]

Talking about the honeymoon. Timeshare or hotel?

Now is the age of the timeshare. Some inescapable facts have ensnared me in the last few days. Tawny and I are getting married, and we are no longer hostel booking wild animals. I know, it’s hard to swallow. It wasn’t too long ago that I was running through the streets of Cape Town at midnight, half-naked, screaming “I am […]