At it again with Rand McNally and Best of the Road.

Well, we’re back on the road!  If you’re following us on Facebook or Twitter you are a saint.  That and you probably already know that we’re RVing it up with Rand McNally.  The second annual Best of the Road rally is about to embark on June 15th and we are more or less the hype team.  We are so stoked […]

Eating sand and loving it! Our Las Vegas Sunbuggy experience.

When someone says the word “Vegas” what are the first things that pop into your head?  Gambling?  Drinking?  Buffets?  Party? While we definitely love having a good time, we decided that our last trip to Vegas would be a little more… active.  For the both of us, it was the fifth time that we had been to Sin City and […]

Our favorite parts of Ashland, Oregon

As our road trip came to a close we made the huge leap from San Francisco, California to Ashland, Oregon. This was the first time for both Tawny and I to visit Ashland. Now I can’t figure out why it took so long for us to go. We spent our two nights there at the Chanticleer B&B and it was flawless. […]

Road Trip – We’ve made it to San Francisco

It’s sad to say but our glorious road trip is almost finished. We’ve made the bold turn north and will be back in Washington by Sunday. That isn’t to say that the trip is over though. Far from it in fact. We rolled into San Francisco last night after cruising along the highway 101. Today we rode the San Fran […]

Road Trip – Cruising up CA 101

Vegas blew my mind. That must come as no shock. It’s Vegas, right? I’m not really the Las Vegas type though. I don’t gamble, I’m not fond of too much glitz, or glam… but this time around was rock solid awesome. This coming week we’ll have full write ups on both Sunbuggy Fun Rentals and Vegas Indoor Skydiving. We will also […]

The Captain’s Travel Bag.

We’ve seen a few posts labeled “What’s in my suitcase” and “What’s in my purse” and decided that we needed to switch things up a bit. What really happened is that Chris dumped out his satchel as he was looking for a pen and we realized the sheer amount of crap useful items that he carries.  It’s no wonder he […]

Road Warriors. Taking time to see the little things.

I’ve found that when Chris and I go on road trips I’m always extremely focused on getting to our destination.  I constantly look at the GPS to see if we’re making good time.  I play the calculation game where I try to estimate exactly what time we’ll arrive at our destination.  I like to be punctual, and I’m not a […]

Road Trip – Our Day in Pictures

Last night the Uncork’d event left us in a food coma. Today we lived the dream across the Las Vegas sand dunes with Sunbuggy.     Also, we’d LOVE any support you could lend us on our quest to become Tripfilms Filmmakers of the Year.  It’ll only take a couple of clicks and we’ll be forever in your debt. You […]

Road Trip – The Road to Virginia City

Waking Up in Weed This is what we woke up to this morning. For whatever reason I didn’t know that Weed was nestled in the shadow of Mt. Shasta. I also was ignorant of the fact that Mt. Shasta is the second largest volcano in the Cascade range, weighing in at 14,180 ft. That’s just behind our pride and glory […]

Road Trip. From Portland to Weed in One Day.

Greetings from the town of Weed! That’s right, we’re currently shacking it up in the lovely town of Weed, California.  We covered about 350 miles of road today and it was pretty glorious.  We’re pretty beat from the driving and the sun (we don’t get a lot of it in Washington), so we’re going to keep this post short and […]