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Our expedition to the sunny isles of the South Pacific.

The Witches of Siquijor

“The Healers of Siquijor” Dec./2010 Siquijor is most famous for its magical practitioners. Citizens of island that have been practicing magic for hundreds of years. They fall into two categories, black magic sorcerers and white magic healers. We went to ...

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Best Beaches in the Philippines

“The Best Beaches”   Dec./2010 The small island of Siquijor is renowned for magic and gorgeous views. It is also known for it’s white sand beaches. We have compiled a list of the most beautiful and exclusive of those very beaches, ...

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Baby duck, anyone?

“Dumaguette Night Life/Balut”   Dec./2010 In the sleepy colonial town of Dumaguette it seems like all there is is bars. For a look at the local flavor check out our video and see the highlights of the main avenue. Take a ...

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Ati Atihan the KFC of Siquijor

“Best Food on Siquijor”    Dec./2010 A list of the best spots the locals took us to while on Siquijor. Ati Atihan chicken stop is in central Larena, on the southern end of the main drag. Chan’s Chicken eatery is located ...

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La Residencia

“La Residencia”   Dec./2010 La Residencia Al Mar is the luxury hotel of Dumaguette. It is right in the center of the scenic main strip of downtown and is a five minute walk from the main ferry terminal. It is also ...

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Isabelle Gardens = Cheap

“Isabelle Gardens”   Dec./2010 If your are looking for a great place to spend a couple nights in Manila and still be close to the airport then this is your place. It is extremely affordable and fairly comfortable. The rooms are ...

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