Pretty Gritty Tours

We love Tacoma. True, we are full-time professional travel videographers and writers who spend a large majority of our time on the road, but we absolutely adore our town of Tacoma too. That’s why, when I came to Tawny with a long-held dream of mine that would let invest in this city, she was happy to manifest it. Ever since […]

Byodo-In, the Phoenix Temple

When I first came to Oahu with Tawny in 2013 I was entirely at her mercy. This was her island. She was born and raised here, with family still living on the leeward side. I am a professional adventurer however and wanted to make sure that I left no stone upturned. I never expected to find a hidden location that […]

A travel memory come to life

Since I was perhaps nine years old I have had a vivid memory of the most incredible pool I have ever visited. In my memory this pool opens up at one end to a dark water slide. I can hear the rush of the water as it begins to turn into a water fall beyond where I can see. The […]

Mojo Barbershop – Hawaii

There is something very sexy and appealing about the idea of a straight razor shave. Not only does it involve the use of a lethal weapon to groom one’s face, but it is a strangely meditative practice. For years now, I’ve been using a brush and bar to shave. Well, to groom what pitiful hair I can grow. The morning […]

Woodinville – Blood, meet alcohol

In case you haven’t heard the news, Woodinville, WA is becoming the new hotspot for those who love liquor. As more and more micro-distilleries begin to pop up in the great state of Washington we’re seeing our home become a bigger blip on people’s radars. In the last decade Washington has already earned a reputation as one of the world’s […]

How to Stay Fresh and Look Good While Traveling.

We’ve been waiting for our Indian visas for over a week now and living off the kindness of friends while we do so. As we’ve shuffled from apartment to apartment in Manhattan we’ve begun to encounter a few hiccups. Primarily, we really only packed a handful of fall clothing, as we were expecting to only be in the city for […]

Our Top 5 iPhone Apps for New York

We’ve had the pleasure of staying in Manhattan for the last few days as we wait on our Indian Visas to arrive. Our good friends Tristan and Julie are letting us use their living room as HQ and get a glimpse at the joys of married life. You can check that out below. While here, we’ve tried to suck the […]

Getting dominated by the Grand Canyon [Video]

As you probably remember, we recently completed a 12 mile hike down the Grand Canyon.  While I was not going to carry the extra weight of a camera, Chris decided that he was strong enough to do it for the both of us.   I’m not going to lie, I was pretty impressed that he not only carried our big DSLR […]

Chasing our fortunes at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory [video]

If there’s one thing we like more than a good helping of sweet and sour chicken, it’s got to be the fortune cookie that usually follows.  We sniffed out the notorious Golden Gate Cookie Factory while meandering around San Francisco and were pleasantly surprised at what we found.  We thought that “factory” implied a big, corporate building with hundreds of […]