• Friday , 1 August 2014

Living the high life in San Juan, Puerto Rico. [Video]

Our recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico left us feeling fulfilled, relaxed, and sun-kissed.  In the short time that we were in San Juan we were able to see and experience so much of the local flavor.  Whether we were dining on mofongo, touring old forts, or relaxing poolside at the San Juan Marriott, we completely enjoyed immersing ourselves in Puerto Rican culture.

Take a peek at our San Juan experience below.  Keep a careful eye our for a local friend that Chris let ride around on this shoulder.

The hardest part of staying in Puerto Rico is trying to decide between swimming in the pool or walking 20 steps to the ocean. It all depends on how strong the mojitos are that day.


Special thanks to the San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino as well as Diamond PR for the incredible experience.

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12 comments on “Living the high life in San Juan, Puerto Rico. [Video]

  1. Still can’t believe we missed each other in Puerto Rico! Looks like you guys had a great time, though =) Did you only see San Juan?

    -Maria Alexandra

  2. Funny to see what used to be part of my life growing up in a video like this! Lots of neat things to see down there. Next time, I will be your guide down there and show also the non-tourist parts!

  3. Love it, especially the scene where Tawny’s hair is blowing in the wind as she tells how beautiful San Juan is! If you put the sound all the way down, it looks like a steamy romance video.

  4. Have always enjoyed my visits to San Juan. Great video!

  5. Love the video – cool music! And the mojito looks delicious. I don’t know about that pigeon place, though. Blech ;-)

  6. Oh, this is not helping… I’ve been dying to go to PR for a while now. I know I will, but I just can’t wait. GREAT video, guys!!

  7. Very entertaining video and a very catchy tune.

  8. Me gusta mucho! And I’m with y’all about the strength of the mojitos determining the pool or the ocean. Ahhh….it’s a tough life, right? Love Chris’ friend!

  9. ahaha love tawnys face in the shot with st. pio and ponce de leon’s remains! great video!

  10. Great video! I’ve been wanting to go to Puerto Rico for a while, and this definitely shows why. Except for the pigeons, not a fan, haha. I’ll take the mojito though!

  11. i’ve never been to PR but love that the hardest decision was pool vs. ocean. sounds like a perfect vacation to me!! glad you two had fun. :)

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